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The Wind Beneath My Wings …

‘You’re not dead – so stop living as though you are!’ shouts CC Bloom as played by the immeasurable Bette Midler at her best friend in ‘Beaches’.  The story of two girls who meet under the boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ and begin a 30 year friendship cut short by jealousy, poor (and even more unfortunately, conflcting) choices of significant others and all the other things that can and do get in the way of ordinary lives – and then impending, premature death wields his scythe unscrupulously to focus us further on the importance of living the life we have whilst we have it.  I watched the video with each of my daughters in turn when they reached the age of 11 or so.  Some would say it was an odd thing to do – some would say it crossed boundaries – it certainly made us cry and it certainly reminded us that life is a lottery and that we can lose those we love the most and that we should make the most of every day.  Here, in response to The Daily Post’s weekly prompt entitled this time, Boundaries is my local beach (or one of them) – lakeside on the Dorgogne you can see the Correze on the other bank and the unutterably Disney Chateau du Val in the distance.  Boundaries are important in life but steer them clear of  love  …. and whilst you have life promise you will feel it, promise you will breath it, promise you will see it, promise you will live your life and not a dynamic death.


PS:  ‘The Wind Beneath My Wings’ comes from ‘Beaches’ … it is one of the very few songs that has caused me to pull the car over and listen to it when it first came on the radio.  When you have a chance, lend an ear to it yourself and ask yourself who that person is in your sentience – there is one in every life, I do believe.

As blue as in my dreams

So says Red (no irony intended) right at the end of the most feelgood of stories ‘The Shawshank Redemption’.  Finally released after most of a lifetime in jail, he is sitting on a bus and hoping.  And what he is hoping for is serenity … that purest of dreams.  And searching through my pictures I came across this – the lake barely rippling and the castle  reflected in it and nature effortlessly playing her part in making the most serene of pictures so that I with my camera had no more endeavour than a twitch of my finger to capture the perfect picture.  For true serenity is a perfect sensation.  A perfection most of us seek and find to be frustratingly illusive.  Here’s my offering for the weekly photo challenge as a reminder that it can exist ….


Chateau du Val, Lanobre, Cantal March 2014


Disney is the answer

I live much of my life on my own with only a tiny dog for company …. from time to time I luxuriate in my husband’s company but sweet turns to bitter (not in a lemon sucking bitter way but in a sad, saline tears sort of way) when we say au revoir, à bientot as we did at 06:00 today, Clermont Ferrand gare ferroviaire.  My antedote is a good old slug of fairytale Disney chateau and my local one is Chateau du Val – the princess in me never died and a few Rapunzelling towers make me and my long hair feel so much better – particularly when the sun shines!