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As blue as in my dreams

So says Red (no irony intended) right at the end of the most feelgood of stories ‘The Shawshank Redemption’.  Finally released after most of a lifetime in jail, he is sitting on a bus and hoping.  And what he is hoping for is serenity … that purest of dreams.  And searching through my pictures I came across this – the lake barely rippling and the castle  reflected in it and nature effortlessly playing her part in making the most serene of pictures so that I with my camera had no more endeavour than a twitch of my finger to capture the perfect picture.  For true serenity is a perfect sensation.  A perfection most of us seek and find to be frustratingly illusive.  Here’s my offering for the weekly photo challenge as a reminder that it can exist ….


Chateau du Val, Lanobre, Cantal March 2014


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  1. What lovely blues you captured!

    January 16, 2015
    • Its not hard when the day is as still and perfect as it was that day, Albert 😉

      January 16, 2015
      • Also we love that harness … red is your colour 🙂

        January 16, 2015
  2. Beautiful photo… you are so right… true serenity is “frustratingly illusive” 🙂

    January 16, 2015
  3. I love the ending of “Shawshank Redemption”. Lovely shot.

    January 17, 2015
    • Thank you Jim – I am flattered and I’m with you on the ending of Shawshank – it is perfectly written and perfectly executed 🙂

      January 17, 2015
  4. Perfectly serene 🙂

    January 17, 2015
  5. That photo is pure serenity – lovely 🙂

    January 17, 2015
    • Thank you Andrea! Its a very beautiful place 🙂

      January 18, 2015
  6. Gorgeous photo…and Shawshank Redemption is one of my all time favorites.

    February 7, 2015
    • Mine too timeless lady … Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment, I appreciate it 🙂

      February 8, 2015

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