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Posts tagged ‘Massif Central’

They shoot horses, don’t they?

Actually, I sincerely hope they don’t.  But this camera-shot horse skittering in the thick fog in the Chataignerie de Cantal last Autumn rather fits the prompt, blur in a way that pleases me.  Sitting, as we have been, seemingly for a life-time (though in reality just for a few days) in persistent drizzle and mizzle, the picture also serves to remind me that it is not always sunshine that enhances, but that mist and cloud shrouds can provide a mysterious glamour all of their own.


PS:  On the eve of Easter, I have to hope that the Bunny won’t get lost in the fog, nor the Bells take a wrong turn in the obscuring mist for that would be a catastrophe, indeed.  Bonne Pâques a tous mes amies!

Climb every mountain ….


The Weekly Photo Challenge this week asks us for a picture that illustrates ‘Achievement’.  Here is The Bean being hoist high after successfully conquering the col de Croix de St Robert.  1451 metres (that’s 4760 feet) on short legs is not to be sniffed at and besides its an opportunity to use a line from The Sound of Music – something which must never be missed.

The peak is in the Mont Dore Mountains of the Auvergne in the Massif Central in France.