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lumière magique parmi les nuages de notre destin…


Sometimes, not often, I grant you but occasionally, I AM lost for words.  To find that the lovely and gifted Melanie had dedicated this post to me left me dumb.  It is a beautiful piece, written as she ever does, straight from the heart.  What prompted her was knowing a little of my story.  The story of Two Brains and I.  Separated by 4,000 miles and with the clock ever ticking, we both thank Melanie for thinking of us and for giving us the most precious and ever-lasting gift of words and pictures.

PS:  I’ve just thought … since I am struck dumb, this can be my Wordless Wednesday contribution, it being Wednesday as I write!

lumière magique parmi les nuages de notre destin….

Wordless Wednesday …. Where The Wild Things Are


Picture taken at Puy Morel in woods that wind down to La Rhue just before she flows into La Dordogne at Bort les Orgues in the Correze department of the Limousin

Wordless Wednesday – The love of bare November days