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Bows and flows of Angels hair ….

DSCF1248The weather recently has been a roller-coaster so it was no surprise that driving to Grenoble yesterday, setting off before dawn that it was in fog reminiscent of a threadbare coat … thick in places, worn so thin that you can almost see through it in others.  Headlights are difficult in such conditions … the light bounces back at you if they are lifted but doesn’t give much help when dipped and other peoples, particularly the lorries that are sharing the road at that silly hour of the morning are distracting and tiring on eyes that are still struggling to come to terms with working efficiently when they should still be shut in slumber.  The drive winds perpetually and scales up and down the steep gorges.  I won’t deny that I was ragged when we got to Polignac, and my reward felt just … the fortress sitting on its rocky table rising out of the feather mattress of softest white clouds below it was spectacular.  I thought of Joni Mitchell as she looked at clouds from up and down and wondered if she had ever seen this ice-cream castle in the air.  She should.  It is heavenly.   Reward, by the way, is the title of the Daily Press photo challenge this week … you can see all the other interpretations here

PS:  It’s a standing joke between HB² and I that whenever I take the wheel on a long journey the weather conspires against me.  Two Brains drove the second half of the journey down in bright sunshine and on the way back last night the sky was clear.  Until Brioude when we swapped and the fog engulfed me and only lifted for the sky to spit hail-stones that bounced on the road like a shower of polystyrene balls.

Beauty wakes the soul to act

I love taking pictures though I claim no skill whatsoever but I decided to start taking part in some of the challenges available to encourage a little discipline – always a challenge with me.

To that end, here is my effort for The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – DescentThis week, show us your interpretation of descent — experiment with your point of view and angle, or go even deeper with the theme.‘  The image is taken above Les Roches de Tuileiries at the foot of the Massif de Sancy in the Puy de Dome Departement of the Auvergne,  looking back down the gorge as a mighty storm was clearing:



Les Roches de Tuileries, Puy de Dome, Auvergne

PS:  The title is Dante Alighieri of course … it seemed appropriate to quote him in a challenge entitled Descent given our assumption that one falls not climbs to the Inferno


<a href="">Descent</a>