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Don’t Stop Me Now!

They played this song nine years ago and we wept an ocean.  They played it because we were saying adieu to a boy.  Sixteen years old and he had made his own decision to leave the earth.  I still feel the anguish like a razor to my heart.   Yesterday, I found this piece of driftwood which seems to me for all the world to be an elephant.  He loved elephants.  Particularly pink elephants.  He loved many things especially including my daughter.  My daughter loved many things especially including him.  She wrote yesterday that she hopes he is in a happy place.  I know he is.  I know he is smiling.  I know he is laughing.  And I know that in some intangible way he took me to this trunky trunk to gently remind that he is happy.  And that the part of him that dwells in each of us that love him will never be lost.

DSCF3904PS:  The song is Queen, of course.  Who he also loved.  Of course.  And he loved that I had worked for them when the dinosaurs were barely hatched in the garden.   I on the other hand am very cross with him for getting in first … there is nothing worse than outliving our young.

This is my response to The Daily Post prompt ‘Happy Place’ …. you can see all the other’s gloriously displayed here  And here, with a smile, is a bonus

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