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I do like a little bit of butter for my bread

This week The Daily Post gave ‘Express Yourself’ as their theme.  So I rootled about in my virtual picture library throwing things hither and thither, toying with a fountain in the Peterhof Gardens and a lily floating gently on a lake near home and then I remembered these glorious girls.  Standing on their volcanic plateau gazing with the intent interest that surely only a cow could muster when presented with Two Brains, The Bean and I wandering below them, and for all the world looking as though they are about to start boogying round their handbags.  And the lady on the left, tail waving outrageously in the sunshine – she is surely expressing herself with the most riotous abandon, though doubtless a bovine expert might like to point out that the thing she is about to express is a bouse de vache (look it up – its far prettier in French).

PS:  The title comes from The Kings Breakfast by A A Milne in which the King expresses himself with clarity but finds himself unheard  ….