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Le Coq Sportif

I’m not a football fan, though if pushed I own to supporting The Arsenal (the fault of Granny – she lived within hearing distance of Highbury when first married and made it conditional of watching Grandstand that The Gunners were your team) …

But it’s pretty unavoidable this Coupe de Monde thing and I must confess that I support France (and not because England didn’t cut le moutarde


– that was inevitable and when the collective English eventually realise that unless a manager is allowed real time to develop his team of players who actually never see one another let alone play together because their high fallutin-tootin teams won’t release them from the gilded contracts to bond properly with their internation team-mates, there will never be that glorious collective ‘YES’ as they bring back international silverware). No I’m not a mealy mouthed ex-pat – I love the French Game (Arsenal – remember has a French manager) and I live here and for me it falls into the politeness bag.

So in a few moments I will be turning up my TV and yelling ‘allez les bleus’ … Let’s turn those Germans to dust mes braves


PS:  In Paris a week ago outside the very ritzy Jardin de Luxembourg, we found these boys … never underestimate the power of a world class tournament to bring sport to the masses #lovefootie


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  1. I also used to support Arsenal! We went out to dinner at a restaurant last Friday and it was almost empty. Le patron’s shoulders sagged by the minute as it became obvious that France couldn’t claw back that goal. We got regular bulletins but it was clear that it was all lost. Dommage.

    July 8, 2014
  2. Quel hasard! It was such a crushing blow last Friday but today I feel that France should feel a little better about the result – Germany 7-Brazil 1 🙂

    July 9, 2014

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