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A sword and a pistol by his side

I’ve been absent for several weeks whilst we deftly orchestrated and executed a somewhat major and moderately emotional move.  I will write of that on Friday, but in the meantime, lest you have missed me even the teeniest smidge, here, as a trifling placeholder, is a picture of a rather cute couple snapped by my husband a few days ago.  It seems to fit rather snugly with the Photo Challenge of the Week titled Liquid of which you can find a veritable treasure trove of other entries here .  It was only when ambling through my recent photos to find something pertinent to the theme that I noticed the tiny turtle.  I have a propensity for the romantic, for which I make no apology.  Therefore, I see her gazing longingly at a suitor positively transfixed by her petite loveliness.  For the avoidance of doubt, my fanciful leanings didn’t lead me to intervene and give him a peck on his wide froggy mouth to test for Princeliness.


PS:  The title is a line from a song I have sung gustily and quite possibly tunelessly since childhood: Froggie Went a Courtin‘.  Here as your bonus is Bruce Springsteen with my favourite of all favourite versions of the shenanagans of the amorous amphibian.  I sincerely hope this little croaker is armed with neither sword nor pistol.

By the by, I don’t know if this is a green frog or a bull frog – perhaps a herpetologist  could help me out ….

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  1. I’m supposed to be tidying my garden, but here I am listening to The Boss singing about a frog! Life is full of surprises. What an adorable photo 🙂

    June 4, 2018
    • It was a dandy snap that’s for sure …. Glad you enjoyed the oddness of Bruce singing about Froggies 😉

      June 4, 2018
  2. I had a children’s record with this song on it, which I played on my 45 rpm’s record player! I didnt know there was a Bruce Springsteen version until you posted this, Fiona.
    Just traveled back to leave you a note. You have a wonderful way of touching lives and bringing back memories, too. hugs xo <3

    June 23, 2018
    • I grew up with the Burl Ives version which I always loved. There is a version by Bob Dylan too and one by Woodie Guthrie but Springsteen gets my contemporary vote – it shows me a very different side to him and I do love The Boss 😉 Hugs to you, dear Robyn, big, warm hugs xo

      June 24, 2018

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